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Two interesting workshops have been organized outside the ETFA conference.

The Workshop Day will be held on September, 16th

You are invited to attend them to a very reduced fee.

PROFINET IO and EtherCAT are two of the leading industrial Ethernet solutions. Like many other so-called Real-Time-Ethernet protocols they are defined in IEC 61158 / IEC 61784-2 and are used in various practical applications in industrial automation. PROFINET IO is supported by the PROFIBUS organization and due to its association with Siemens, the world’s largest supplier of PLC’s which will integrate PROFINET as a standard, expected to become a key market player in the next few years. PROFINET is a relatively complex protocol which combines three separate “brand names” with many common features but differences in performance...

Duration: Full day

Documentation:  ETFA2010_WORKSHOP-RTE.pdf

The IEC has activated recently a new working group, called WG15, in order to correct, consolidate and complete, where necessary, the standard. Main objectives of the workshop are to:
  1. Present to the academic community the work already done and objectives achieved inside the working group,
  2. Get their feedback as well as proposals and suggestions on the presented achievements,
  3. Introduce near future plans and objectives,
  4. Open discussion on future plans.

Duration: Half day, afternoon

Documentation:  ETFA2010_WORKSHOPS-IEC-61499.pdf

Workshop´s Registration Link

More information

Real-Time Ethernet Solutions
[updated: 2010-8-31]

IEC-61499 Standard Status
[updated: 2010-8-31]

Workshop Proposals

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